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#TBT The Yema Superman - A young Diver Having a Locking BezelIn June of 2017, I wrote articles concerning the Yemas which were for sale within an upcoming Watches of Knightsbridge auction. I felt like the replica watches were nice, but pricing or around the market. I finished up attending the auction, it coincided to business I had created around, and that i came away highly surprised with the results. A 7736-powered "formica dial" Rallye chronograph sold for 4500 GBP before commission along with a "Brown Sugar" chronograph sold to have an astounding 7500 GBP before "the juice". Perhaps I've been asleep in the wheel, but it really all adds up to the reality that Yema is hot at this time and the ones are clearly after them. Here on #TBT, as well as in the auction review article, we've focused on chronographs. Today, though, we'll turn our awareness of another design of watch because the plucky French marque made other types. In truth, I'd point out that today's subject is much more historically significant. The Yema Superman is our target, albeit in LeJour guise, why don't we take a look.The Yema Superman - A Historic DiverWe've chronicled many subterranean replica watches on #TBT in an attempt to show the various attempts, and the innovations deployed, at making a wonderful dive watch. Some, such as the Doxa 300 or Phillip Caribbean, offered unique bezels to generate diving safer prior to the creation of the trusty dive computer. Others, such as the Seiko 6105, added a wierd locking crown that clearly didn't allow it to be past single model run. The Rolex Red Submariner was viewed and many would declare that it ranks on the list of more perfect specimens with regard to clarity, simplicity and functionality. And, finally, we of late looked at the Rado Captain Cook as an early 1960's diver that used a bizarre concave bezel located on various other early replica watches. Fear not, today's glance at the Yema Superman won't be our last foray into dive replica watches that attempted to add a new challenge, however it is a successful piece to debate.The Superman Debuted in 1963The Yema Superman was introduced in 1963. With a depth rating of 300 meters, I've seen forum postings stating that this watch was the very first "mass market" deep diver. Granted, it all depends on how one defines shop bought replica patek pocket watch , but let's posit that this watch likely qualified as relatively affordable compared to the big Swiss brands that didn't even offer such capabilities and was, therefore, designed for an array of buyers. For goofy early dive watch innovation, the Superman doesn't disappoint.Innovation within the Yema SupermanA quick look at the Yema Superman would suggest a normal diver that has a rotating bezel, but on closer inspection, one notices a bracket at 3:00. The bracket overlays over the bezel and fosters a window so as to obscure very little of the scale as you can. It's affixed to the watch by all around the crown stem then when the crown is unscrewed, the bracket dangles.The aim of the bracket, you may? The correct answer is easy and quite elegant: locking the bi-directional bezel once set. The Superman's bezel is knurled externally and also a very close look with the inside of the bezel lock bracket demonstrates they have "claws" to grip the knurling, thereby locking it in place.You may not believe that this can be a big deal, but take into consideration that bezels in the early 1960's were bi-directional and sometimes non-clicking. Yes, this is apparently the very first locking dive bezel. For an aside, the concept of screwing and unscrewing a crown permitting a bezel to rotate isn't foreign; we reviewed a Glycine Airman that follows the same general principal.A Locking Dive BezelYou also might state that the locking dive bezel on the Yema Superman isn't everything that useful concerning were not many replica watches with such a mechanism since, yet it's significant because watch companies go to great length to guarantee bezels don't move. Mentioned previously, unidirectional clicking bezels that take serious effort to change can be a manifestation of quality and safety. Then, think about the original Ploprof which consists of locking bezel (mimicked by Squale with its Tiger) and the Tuna having its shroud. These pieces specified for professionals, so consider the Yema being a watch with serious intentions.The undoing with the Superman's design, though, is the crown should be unscrewed so that you can turn the bezel knowning that seems somewhat risky and impractical. Maybe it may be possible to do replica rolex watches inside the dry, but I'd believe that adjusting the watch whilst in the water or with wet gloves during a speed boat is a lot more typical behavior.Bezel secure aside, the Yema Superman could quickly be passed off like a traditional looking diver. Remember, though, you're looking at 1963 and in addition to the Submariner and, perhaps, the Seamaster 300, I'd debate that the way it is design qualifies as pretty modern in comparison to most other early divers using often svelte and elegantly styled cases.It also foreshadows circumstances to come for the brand because the design is comparable in fashion on the Yema chronographs everybody knows and savor. On this execution, it's fully stainless at 39mm in diameter which has a 19mm lug width. Likewise, the watch contains large crown guards along with an equally large crown (complete with a "stepped" resemble of all replica watches from Yema). The Yema embossed case back is screw down and like most replica watches on this era, it has a thick, domed acrylic crystal.Funky Green LumeMoving onto the dial, the Yema Superman contains, again, a rather traditional dial and hands set. Huge green, framed lume plots describe the hour indices with numerals inside these at 6/9/12. This type of numbers in the plots is viewed on early divers for example the Zodiac Sea Wolf plus the Eterna Kon Tiki; it is a cool look that's come back into vogue as the aforementioned replica watches have recently been reissued. The hands are normal 60's diver with an arrow shaped minutes hand that's pretty purposeful for any diver. And just how with that green lume? It may well resemble a questionable relume, yet it's real, it's typical, and emits briefly with a black light. replica rotary watches A LeJour is often a Yema for that USAI mentioned that this Yema Superman you're staring it is really badged to be a LeJour. We've discussed the truth that LeJour was nothing but a Yema rebadged for all of us sale. The funny thing, and again it's normal, is the fact that watch includes a Yema case back. No, this didn't appear to take much to take much to skirt customs in the past apart from a basic name change on the dial. Yema versions, mind you, are the same apart from the name about the dial. As referenced, the watch you are considering this can be a earliest edition of the Superman. I'd recommend getting a gander here to determine the various editions that followed. Pay particular care about editions with acrylic bezels, blue dials, and sweep seconds hands very like the Seiko 6105 (remember, Yema was of Seiko for the period).The Yema Superman Runs on the French MovementMovement wise, the Yema Superman contains something I have not really encounter before, in france they Ebauches "FE" 3611 . It is a 17-jewel automatic with date and runs at 21,600 bph. It can be manually wound. Based on Ranfft, it is a "strange" movement due to the train and hand gear being driven separately by its barrel. It helps for the slimmer design (definitely not evidenced by the watch overall), but requires serious precision. In any event, replica watches the good thing is that there are an abundance of these movements boating if repairs are required and it also does keep excellent time.Another detail is worth mentioning. When taking a look at the first Yema Superman brochure, it won't require much time to get noticable that this bezel clip shows as red. These clips were painted and it is extremely difficult to acquire one with any traces of color. It's not a shock, though, as being the screw down crown grinds in the lock, while pushing this resistant to the case, and the actual locking teeth press around the knurling. I'm torn as to if I'll buy some red enamel and hand paint the lock myself - let's examine!A Tropic Strap is ideal within the SupermanYou'll note that I've attached a Tropic on the Yema Superman from the vein of what originally came with the watch. In all actuality, it's a semi-vintage Hong Kong-made strap made out of the Tropic molds that were shipped after that the initial brand failed. After using my trusty pocketknife to remove the copious levels of flash, I think it now looks decent and certainly appropriate. 39mm looks nice around the wrist along with the somewhat beefy case thickness helps provide the watch the look of more size than most divers of its age. When searching for a Superman, other than remembering to watch out for that bezel lock, check the usual such things as the condition of the dial and hands. There's little else to think about, since these are uncomplicated. Remember that LeJour versions are essentially pricing the identical level as being the Yemas. Exactly what do these cost today? Assume somewhere inside the an entire world of $1500 - 2500 to get a solid watch. It is a long way away from your $500 - 800 that these cost only a 12 months ago, however consider it relatively affordable to get a significant, and well-made, vintage diver. I became fortunate to receive this little-used example from Andreas within my Local Serious amounts of as we discussed from above, it also included the initial guide!Overall, I like chronographs more than another style of watch, in an unusual turn of events, I enjoy the Yema Superman in the popular Rallyes along with the various "grafs". I favor the clean looks has there's some innovation - irrespective of how minor. The Superman has become tougher to find as a result of its popularity amongst collectors. I'd recommend tracking one down when they're still relatively affordable.